By info, posted on October 26, 2020 - ח' חשון תשפ"א at 11:12 pm.

Our Shool has been open since Erev Tish B’Av 5780,when permission was granted to end the Lockdown. We have had regular Shabas, Yomtov & Yomim Naroim Minyans right until today, with Rosh Chodesh Tammuz 5781 almost here.

The only break, was Lockdown late 2020.

We pray together & we can actually socialise together,even with ”Distancing”!

We could not have Kiddushim or a Group Celebration yet in the Hall, together, so we prepared separate Seuda Bags for those who came to our Chanuka Candle Lighting, & Megilla Reading, on the last occaison and so we shared the same Seuda ”together”, at home.

BUT, we saw each other, & shared our company!!

With those who could not come to Shool, we have worked hard to keep contact, & provide their needs, trying always to get the information from every source, so we could provide the help. Pesach is just one example of when we have worked hard to succeed in this.

Times are difficult for those that can get out, but those that are confined to their Homes, are the ones we try to reach.

We look on ourselves as a Family, some close, some distant. But our wish to help extends to every Member. Always remember, Help us…to Help Them!!

We look to our future in our Space in our Home in Brownlow Road.

With all your help, we intend to achieve it!

Whatever changes come from Government edicts, we will continue to take every measure to guard Safety, with watchful Care, for those who come together in our Shool.  Our precious Space makes such care, possible.