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Come and join us for Shavuos at Palmers Green and Southgate Shul,

Tuesday 30th May 2017
Yom Tov begins at 8.51pm
Minchah at 8.45pm followed later by Ma’ariv

Wednesday 31st May 2017 – First Day Shavuos
Shacharis at 9.00am followed by Cheese Cake Kiddush
Minchah and Ma’ariv a 7.30pm

Thursday 1st June 2017 – Second Day Shavuos
Shacharis at 9.00am
The Book of Ruth will be read.
Yizkor will be recited.
Cheese Cake Kiddush following the Service.
Minchah at 9.15pm, followed by Rabbi Levy’s Talmud Shiur,

Ma’ariv when Yom Tov ends at 10.12pm


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                 On Monday evening,  Philip Hyman began an ambitious, double Lecture in our Shool Hall at 8pm on ”Jews in Music”  The first half was on Chazans, & Chazonos, covering many, including Gershom Sirota, Mordecai Hershman, Richard Tucker, Leibele Waldman & Shalom Katz. The second half, after our Refreshment Interval & our Raffle, was on Jewish Composers, principally George & Ira Gershwin, both as biography, and their quite amazing music..
             We were treated to the most bright, re-cleaned, versions of what were early Chazanos recordings, on the equipment that Philip had brought with him. The many pieces brought back many memories of Times Past, when these Chazons drew masses to the Shool Services at which they presided.
           The Story of the Music of the Gershwins provided a most enjoyable contrast in the second session, as we were given many examples of what they had produced, including the Original Version of ”Rhapsody in Blue”, which showed a quite different side to Gershwin’s famous concept.
            The whole evening spanned nearly 2 hours, and yet our audience sat enjoying every moment of this Musical evening, often clapping both Philip’s Presentation, & the Music. They even lingered on after it was over, to talk to him & each other. It was a very successful, as well as enjoyable evening. We all spoke about another like it in the Future.


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Michael Kushner Lecture Mon. 7 March 2016  ”Jewish Bletchley Park”

Michael Kushner had a supper at his Aunt, Lee Anderson, before coming to our Shool Hall on Monday evening 7 March, to speak about the Jewish aspects of Bletchley Park, the centre of the top secret Code-breaking of the German Enigma machine, during our battle for survival in WW2.

He had prepared his Presentation very well beforehand, and before a full and interested audience, he proceeded to give a picture of Bletchley Park, from it’s Private ownership in the Rothchild family before the War,to it’s highly secret and vital work during the War, as the centre of British Code-breaking and Intelligence.

His picture did not attempt to go into the complex Mathmatics of the Code Work, but it did shine a bright light on the human side of those who were drawn into the work. In particular, he brought out just how many Jewish minds took part in this vital battle of defeating the Nazi Machine, and their intent, not just of having the ”Final Solution” for the Jews of Europe, but for us too, had they reached this country.

His Lecture was enjoyed and appreciated by those present. They also enjoyed both the Raffle that was held, and the Buffet provided by Lee Anderson and her Ladies Guild. Many remained chatting, for some time after the Lecture had ended, enjoying the company.

We are now beginning the planning for our 3rd Lecture, a Musical Evening on a Jewish Theme, given by Philip Hyman, on Monday evening, 4 APRIL 2016 @ 8pm


CELEBRITY LECTURE Report of Rabbi Hersh’s on 1 Feb 2016

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             On Monday evening, 1 Feb 2016, at 8pm in our Shool Hall, after an introduction by Rabbi Levy, Rabbi Aubrey Hersh gave us our first Lecture of this year’s series, on the subject of ”False Messiahs’.  He brought the time of the 17th Century, and especially the Life of Sabbatai Zevi, to life, putting it into the context of our present Galus, as well as relating it to issues that we still have around us today.
             We had a good audience who braved a night of severe local Gales to attend, and they gave an excellent response to a good and interesting Speaker. Our Chairman thanked him for how he had presented it.
             We held a Raffle for a table of prizes, and rounded it off with a lovely spread of Tea, Coffee and cakes provided by our Ladies Guild.