By info, posted on November 24, 2014 - ב' כסלו תשע"ה at 3:03 pm.

                  The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mervis was welcomed to our Palmers Green & Southgate Congregation a little before 8am on Sunday 7 December 2014, by Rabbi Levy & our Chairman Arnold Stanton, and was introduced to our Financial Representative, Jeffrey Sloneem with some other Members, before entering into our Shool where he was awaited by both Men & Women to doven Shachris at 8am.

                  After the Service was over, we went up into our Hall to wash, make Motze & then enjoy a generous Breakfast meal prepared & set out by Lee Anderson and her Ladies Guild.

                 Rabbi Levy introduced Rabbi Mervis who spoke on his desire to build and support his many Congregations to give them a secure and strong Future. His visits to all of them were part of his wish to know them and be known by them, in order better to help them. After he had spoken, he asked for questions or comments, and drew out an exchange that continued until the time came to Bench for the meal, which our Chief Rabbi himself, led.

                  Before he left to go, at 10am, he went round to speak and shake the hand of many of those who had been present.  By the time he had left, those many who had come to our Morning, really did feel ‘…  that they had met our Chief Rabbi,………..             personally”.

                       It had been a very enjoyable experience, and Event….. and Rabbi Mervis had certainly met with us all.