*Rabbi Dr.TATZ Lecture **Mon 9 Feb. 8pm

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  Rabbi Dr Akiva Tatz will speak on…..

                        “The Dilemma of Free Will”

                               to our Community on

                 Monday  February 9th 2015. at 8pm,

                                in our Shool Hall

                                 ALL are welcome.     

            Refreshments                         NO entrance Fee




                Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied medicine at the University of Witwatersrand and graduated with distinction in Surgery. He spent a year in St. Louis, Missouri, as an American Field Service Scholar and subsequently returned there for elective work in Internal Medicine at Washington University.

            Dr. Tatz served as medical officer in the South African Defence force and completed a tour of duty on the Namibian border during the conflict there. He subsequently moved to Israel where he practised both in hospital and general medicine in Jerusalem, as well as engaging in Yeshiva study.

       After practising Medicine and studying in Yeshiva concurrently for some time, Dr. Tatz undertook a number of years of Talmudic study and later teaching in Jewish Thought and Medical Ethics in Jerusalem.  He founded the Jerusalem Medical Ethics Forum, of which he is Director, for the purpose of teaching and promoting knowledge of Jewish medical ethics internationally.

   He has written a number of books on the subject of Jewish thought and philosophy: ”Anatomy of a Search”, which documents the process of transition from secular to observant lifestyles among modern Jews, ”Living Inspired”, and ”Worldmask.”      He is the co-author of ”Reb Simcha Speaks”, and has recently published ”The Thinking Jewish Teenager’s Guide to Life”, and has been translated into Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese.

    Rabbi Tatz lectures on the Spiritual and Philosophical ideas within Judaism, such as “Enlightenment of the Soul”, “Life Ordeals”, “Predestination and Free Will” and “The World to Come”.

        He currently Senior Lecturer on Jewish Thought and Medical Ethics at the Jewish Learning Exchange in London.

This event is supported by the Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Rabbinic Excellence