By Stadmin, posted on February 8, 2015 - י"ט שבט תשע"ה at 6:34 pm.



Melvyn Hartog Head of Burial for the United Synagogue gave his Lecture, titled ..” ‘Talking  About Death Won’t Kill You’,  last night, Tuesday 10 March,  to an eager Audience of about 35 in our Palmers Green Shool Hall.

            Though suffering from a bad cold, he arrived early and left late, and his own over-flowing enthusiasm for his subject, completely denied any indication of not being at the top of his form.

            His own comments on his own background, how he came to his present position, the many aspects that it involved gave his audience an insight and understanding that most would not have thought to have heard before. His Talk was enhanced by many anecdotes that made visible the deep humanity, sympathy and understanding that his leadership had built into the regular and everyday problems and concerns that his Organisation had to deal with.

            He made his audience smile at some of the incidents he spoke of, but even more importantly, he told of times when that same approach helped to comfort and lift the spirit of those who came to him for help at times of deep sorrow.

            I think our audience found they had learned, and certainly also enjoyed, a thoroughly well presented Lecture.

            The evening ended with a Raffle and with Refreshments provided by our Ladies Guild.

This was the 2nd of our Lecture Series. The 3rd Lecture is in the planning, and details will be posted soon.

           We thank the Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Rabbinical Excellence for their help and support for our Lecture Program