REPORT …CHANUKAH 2015 AT PGSS Sunday 6 Dec. 2015

By info, posted on November 29, 2015 - י"ז כסלו תשע"ו at 7:53 pm.

    Our Communal Celebration of the Chanuka Lighting for the 1st Night.

              We had an good and happy response , out-doing even last year’s, to the Invitation to our Palmers Green & Southgate Kehilla to come and celebrate Chanuka together, and the Lighting of the Candles for the 1st Night in our Hall.

            We began the afternoon at 3.00pm with the dovening of Mincha in the Hall.  This was followed by a Film about a quiet man, who having visited Czechoslovakia just before WW2, set about trying to rescue some of the Jewish children who were about to be engulfed by the advance of Hitler. As at the time of Chanuka…in every Generation someone arises to try to destroy us…..and we pray to Hashem for help.

          Towards night, Rabbi Levy light the Chanuka Candles, and all joined in the Brachos, Ha’naaros Hallaluh, and singing Maoz Tzur, with the Lights of the candles adding to the Lights of the Hall.

                 We enjoyed the fun of a Raffle, with Doughnuts, Cakes, Tea and Coffee so nicely presented and served by our Ladies Guild.  It may have been grey, damp and cold outside…but it was bright, warm and welcoming inside!

                       We look forward to more of the same coming together.

                                   Your Chair.

           To answer your question… the”quiet man” is now known as Sir Nicholas Winton.




                A ”Saved Future……”




              Some of the Raffle!!


                                  FOOD to enjoy!!