CELEBRITY LECTURE Report of Rabbi Hersh’s on 1 Feb 2016

By info, posted on January 11, 2016 - א' שבט תשע"ו at 11:01 am.
             On Monday evening, 1 Feb 2016, at 8pm in our Shool Hall, after an introduction by Rabbi Levy, Rabbi Aubrey Hersh gave us our first Lecture of this year’s series, on the subject of ”False Messiahs’.  He brought the time of the 17th Century, and especially the Life of Sabbatai Zevi, to life, putting it into the context of our present Galus, as well as relating it to issues that we still have around us today.
             We had a good audience who braved a night of severe local Gales to attend, and they gave an excellent response to a good and interesting Speaker. Our Chairman thanked him for how he had presented it.
             We held a Raffle for a table of prizes, and rounded it off with a lovely spread of Tea, Coffee and cakes provided by our Ladies Guild.