By Stadmin, posted on January 31, 2022 - כ"ט שבט תשפ"ב at 4:11 pm.

We have continued with our Shabas, Yomtov & Yomim Naroim Services now, always with a Minyan, since we restarted at Erev Tish B’Av 5780.

We have been blessed not to have had any break in our Minyanim, except for the small Lockdown in late 2020.

For some time now, we have re-instated our Kiddush in the Hall after Shabas morning Service. We are still careful to spread out on many Tables, so encouraging our Attenders to care for each other. Our reward is the chance to meet each other again, & enjoy some conversation with friends.

We have also restarted a Weekly Shiur, held in my home, on Wednesday evenings, to deepen our understanding of Torah’s Teachings.

In all things, we remain careful for each other’s good, while we steadily try to rebuild from the damage that the Covid Virus brought into our World.

We have tried to help any Member with a problem. There is no way we can call each of you personally on a regular basis, but please let us know of troubles, either of your own, or of those you may contact.

Our Community Base remains solid, & our eyes look to it’s firm Future.