Update May 2022

By Stadmin, posted on May 15, 2022 - י"ד אייר תשפ"ב at 6:39 pm.

We have lived with restrictions & worries of Covid now for over 2 years. The Government has now ceased to impose legal restrictions on how we socialise, but advises us all still to ”Be Careful”!

We have been careful in Palmers Green, but we are slowly trying hard to restore at least as much odf our Social existence  & relations with one another.

On Shabas Emoe, 14 May we have had a Shabaton in the Hall, after the Service, to mark ShabsUK.  We had  good attendance, & it was thoroughly enjoyed as a beautiful Meal & occaison together.

As usual, our Ladies Guild led by Lee Anderson, had excelled themselves.

We look forward to many events in the Future.